Peak Performance is Within Reach


Designed to be the most energy efficient rooftop make-up air unit available within the commercial HVAC industry, Xcelon uses ultra-high efficiency, condensing boilers in a hydronic, self-contained system that does not require any external water supply source. Its fully modulating, 10:1 turndown configuration allows for precision temperature control to ensure constant discharge air temperatures, even during the lowest part-load conditions. The result is less cycling, improved reliability and very accurate temperature distribution across the air stream, ultimately reducing operating costs while increasing payback.

Efficiency is Everything

While typical commercial MUAs only maintain efficiency levels around 80%, Xcelon out-performs the competition with 93% standard operational efficiencies and maximum efficiencies of 98% when the discharge air temperature is set to 70°F. In order to maintain such high levels of efficiency, Xcelon also features a unique heat loss recovery system in order to recover wasted heat from the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), circulator pumps, fan motor and boilers - maximizing energy utilization and boosting efficiency levels even more.

With a proprietary HRT control platform for sophisticated, yet service-friendly operation, Xcelon furthers its efficient design through the use of a VFD to control fan speed performance for part load conditions. Xcelon’s VFD enclosure includes a microprocessor control board with integral electric heater and cooling fan, ensuring consistent temperatures and premium VFD performance at temperatures reaching -30°F.

Increased Payback

When discharge air temperature is set to 70°, Xcelon’s efficiency levels reach upwards of 98% - proving itself to be the most cost-effective rooftop make-up air unit on the market with average payback periods of only a few years.

Average payback period and savings comparisons for Xcelon versus a standard competitive unit:

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Introducing Xcelon - Performance Over All

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